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Make Money Online Tutor on Preply

You can make daily $50 from this Preply online tutor. No joining Fee and Less Commission they take from your earnings. in this article, You will know all the details about this remote work. Finally, You decide it is suitable for you or not. You will know following information which like History of this company, How much you earn daily and monthly, your working hours, and how to join this Preply. So, keep reading this article.


Make money online tutor now easy with Preply. it is one of the an online educational marketplace, has grown significantly since its inception, offering a diverse range of subjects and opportunities for tutors worldwide. Therefore, let’s dive into the history, functionality, and benefits of using Preply, both as a tutor and a student.

The Birth and Evolution of Preply

Founding and Early Days

Preply was founded in 2012 by three Ukrainian entrepreneurs: Kirill Bigai, Dmytro Voloshyn, and Serge Lukyanov. Their vision was to create a platform that connected language learners with tutors. Subsequently, they launched their website in November 2013, initially focusing on language learning. By August 2013, they had received their first angel investment of $180,000, positioning Preply as a leading educational startup in Ukraine.

Expansion and Diversification

Starting in 2013, Preply began expanding into Eastern European markets, including Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and Poland. While the initial focus was on languages, the platform has since broadened its offerings. As a result, today, you can find tutors on Preply for a variety of subjects, including history, math, science, literature, and test preparation.

How Preply Works

Marketplace Model

Preply operates as a marketplace, connecting you, the tutor, with students around the globe. It allows you to offer your expertise in various subjects, catering to different learning needs and interests. Additionally, the platform supports a personalized learning experience, with you creating tailored lessons for each student.

Subjects Offered

Preply’s core offering remains language tutoring, with high demand for languages like English, Spanish, French, and German. Furthermore, you can teach:

  • School Subjects: Including math, science, history, and literature.
  • Standardized Tests: Helping students prepare for exams like the SAT, ACT, and other country-specific tests.
  • Hobbies and Special Interests: You can also offer lessons in areas like chess, cooking, and coding.

Earnings and Flexibility for Tutors

Setting Your Rates

As a tutor on Preply, you have the freedom to set your hourly rates, which can significantly impact your earnings. The average hourly rate is around $18.30, but it can range from $10 to $38.90, depending on the subject and your expertise. Consequently, advanced subjects or specialized topics can command even higher rates.

Working Hours and Income

The more hours you dedicate to teaching, the higher your potential earnings. as per our example, When you working 40-50 hours a week, you will make money online tutor average around $1,416.40 monthly. Preply recommends starting with a competitive rate to attract students and gradually increasing it as you build your reputation.

Commission and Earnings

Preply takes a commission fee from your earnings, starting at 100% for trial lessons to cover the money-back guarantee and decreasing as you accumulate more teaching hours on the platform.

Student Retention

Building a strong rapport with students can lead to continuous bookings and higher income. Thus, starting with a competitive rate and gradually increasing it as you gain positive reviews can help attract and retain students.

Working on Preply

Independent Contractor Model

Preply offers the flexibility of working from home, making it an ideal platform for those seeking a non-traditional work setup. As a tutor on Preply, you’re considered an independent contractor. This means you manage your own taxes and social security contributions, enjoying the freedom to set your own schedule without the constraints of a traditional job.

Requirements and Profile Creation

Preply has a relatively relaxed requirement process. You need to be at least 18 years old and have a deep knowledge of the subject you wish to teach. While formal certifications aren’t mandatory for all subjects, they can enhance your credibility.

Creating a compelling profile is crucial. This includes:

  • Professional Photo: A friendly and professional headshot.
  • Engaging Description: Highlight your teaching style and strengths.
  • Video Introduction: A short video showcasing your personality and approach to teaching.

Withdrawing Your Earnings

Preply makes it easy to withdraw your earnings through various methods like Wise, Payoneer, PayPal, and Skrill. However, it’s important to consider the fees associated with each method and the minimum withdrawal amounts.

Tips for Managing Your Earnings

  • Compare Fees: Check the fees for each withdrawal method to maximize your earnings.
  • Regular Withdrawals: Consider withdrawing regularly to avoid large amounts accumulating in your Preply wallet.

Joining Preply: A Step-by-Step Guide

Before Applying

  • Self-Assessment: Evaluate your expertise, communication skills, and passion for teaching.
  • Market Research: Understand the demand for your subject and set competitive rates.

Building Your Profile

  • Complete Profile Details: Thoroughly fill out all sections.
  • Professional Photo: Upload a high-quality headshot.
  • Engaging Description and Video: Create content that showcases your strengths and teaching style.

Optimizing for Success

  • Competitive Rates: Start with attractive rates to draw students.
  • Positive First Impression: Respond promptly and professionally to student inquiries.
  • Encourage Reviews: Ask satisfied students for reviews to build your reputation.


In conclusion, Preply offers a flexible and rewarding platform for you as a tutor and for students alike. By understanding its origins, leveraging its features, and following best practices, you can create a successful tutoring career on Preply and make money online tutor id easy. Whether you’re looking to teach languages, school subjects, or unique skills, Preply provides the tools and community to help you thrive.