Mysterious monkey man strikes fear in delhi residents

monkey man

According to latest news came from Delhi on 2001. The residents of Delhi are enduring sleepless nights as they face a terrifying menace that seems straight out of a horror film. This enigma, known as the “Monkey Man,” has been launching a series of bizarre attacks, leaving the victims in deep distress. The Monkey Man, described as a four to five feet tall entity with a face resembling that of a monkey, strikes between midnight and 4 am, leaving victims with severe scratch wounds and gouges on their arms and necks.

The victims, mostly individuals sleeping on rooftops or in the open near the city’s slums, have filed complaints with the police. The Monkey Man, however, remains elusive, vanishing into the darkness after each attack.

Witness accounts of the Monkey Man’s appearance vary. Some victims claim that he wears a helmet, while others assert that he possesses metal claws and is covered in a shaggy black hide. There are even reports suggesting he might be equipped with roller-skates. The panic reached such levels that one man tragically lost his life after falling from a building in a state of panic when his neighbor yelled, “The monkey man is here!”

Despite numerous sightings, the police are still uncertain about the true nature of this creature. Suresh Roy, Delhi’s joint police commissioner, stated, “We reached out to Delhi zoo authorities, and their experts affirm that no simian creature would ever attack without provocation. We have conducted medical examinations of the victims, but no conclusive evidence has been found. Doctors confirm that the bite marks are indeed animal bites and not caused by humans. However, some individuals have also mentioned that the attacker uses iron claws and teeth.”

The Monkey Man commenced its reign of terror over the weekend in the impoverished colonies of east Delhi. The frequency of attacks across the capital has led some officers to believe that there may be more than one Monkey Man at large.

As a response to the escalating fear, groups of young individuals armed with axes and sticks have started patrolling the streets, while right-wing Hindu activists have strategically positioned themselves with swords and scimitars.

Younus, a resident of Krishan Nagar suburb, shared his chilling encounter, stating, “The creature had its hands on my thighs when I woke up. It resembled a langur, a specific species of monkey. When my mother, Rehena, grabbed a broomstick, it swiftly leaped off the balcony.”

Interestingly, Delhi is not the first city to experience such a phenomenon. In 1837, a similar entity known as Springheel Jack plagued London. Springheel Jack possessed iron-clad fingers, glowing eyes, wore dark clothes, and scratched his victims. However, he was never apprehended.

‘Monkey Man’ Keeps Delhi Awake Again

Thursday night witnessed a heightened state of vigilance across several parts of the capital as Delhi residents armed themselves with sticks and torchlights, dreading an attack by the elusive ‘monkey man.’ Simultaneously, the police intensified efforts to crack down on rumor mongers and mischief-makers, who had been responsible for over 100 distress calls, most of which turned out to be false.

Out of the ten reported victims of the ‘monkey man’ attacks on Thursday night, only three required hospitalization. Joint Commissioner Police, Amod Kanth, revealed that the police encountered a monkey in one location, while in another instance, people mistakenly trapped a dog, thinking it was the monkey man. Consequently, the police have arrested five individuals, including a doctor, on charges of spreading rumors.

To incentivize the public to provide information about the ‘monkey man,’ the police commissioner has announced a cash reward of Rs 50,000.

Joint Commissioner of Police, Suresh Roy, rejected the idea that animals were responsible for the attacks, stating that it was more likely the mischief of troublemakers. “We have full confidence in our capability to fast resolve this situation,” he announced.

Unfortunately, the fear psychosis surrounding the ‘monkey man’ has already claimed two lives in the capital. One person tragically jumped to their death in the Shakarpur area of northwest Delhi after a false alarm raised by their neighbor. Similarly, a pregnant woman lost her life when she fell while rushing out in panic in the Anand Vihar area of east Delhi upon hearing of an attack by the ‘monkey man.’

As the mysterious attacks persist, Delhi’s residents continue to grapple with fear and uncertainty. The police are determined to uncover the truth behind the Monkey Man and bring an end to the reign of terror that has engulfed the city.