Kuwait’s Tragic Night: Mangaf Building Engulfed in Flames

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Kuwait Fire Latest News: In the early hours of June 12, 2024, a devastating fire erupted in a six-story residential building in Mangaf, Kuwait. Primarily occupied by Indian workers, the building quickly became a scene of chaos and tragedy as flames engulfed the structure. The fire, ignited by a cooking gas cylinder explosion in the quarters of an Egyptian security guard, spread rapidly due to the use of inflammable materials as room partitions. As residents slept, the blaze unleashed thick smoke, claiming the lives of at least 49 people. Most of the victims, numbering 42, were Indian nationals, many of whom hailed from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and other northern states. The building, rented by the NBTC group and accommodating around 195 workers, became a scene of chaos as flames engulfed it, prompting desperate rescue efforts. Over 50 individuals sustained injuries, with some critically wounded and others hospitalized.

Investigation and Accountability: Uncovering Causes and Ensuring Justice

Following the tragic incident, Kuwait’s public prosecutor swiftly initiated an investigation to ascertain the root causes of the fire. Initial findings pointed to serious building code violations, including the use of unsafe materials that exacerbated the fire’s rapid spread. In response, Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh Fahad Al-Yousef Al-Sabah ordered the arrest of the Kuwaiti landlord and the Egyptian guard, underscoring a commitment to hold those responsible accountable for the negligence that contributed to the catastrophe. The investigation aims to shed light on the circumstances leading to the tragedy and ensure that such lapses in safety protocols are addressed comprehensively to prevent future disasters.

Kuwait Fire Latest News Key Details

  • Death Toll: 49 fatalities, including 42 Indian nationals.
  • Injuries: Over 50 workers injured, some critically.
  • Cause: Fire originated in the kitchen; majority deaths due to smoke inhalation during sleep.
  • Rescue Efforts: Ongoing operations; some residents jumped to escape.
  • Investigation: Kuwaiti Interior Ministry investigating; strict actions against building owners expected.
  • Indian Embassy Response: Emergency helpline set up; cooperation with local authorities for assistance.
  • Prime Minister’s Relief: Indian PM announced Rs 2 lakh ex-gratia for families of deceased from PM Relief Fund.

International Response and Support Efforts: Kuwait and India Rally to Aid Victims

In the wake of the Mangaf fire, both the Kuwaiti and Indian governments mobilized extensive support efforts to aid the affected communities. Kuwait pledged to provide the highest quality medical care to the injured, establishing dedicated help desks for non-resident Keralites and other affected individuals. Meanwhile, India announced ex-gratia relief for the families of the deceased Indian nationals and initiated efforts to facilitate the repatriation of remains. Diplomatic channels between the two nations remained open as they collaborated closely to coordinate relief efforts and provide consular assistance to those impacted by the tragedy.