Darshan Thoogudeepa arrested: What Happen in Karnataka

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darshan thoogudeepa arrested news

Latest News came from Karnataka: Darshan Thoogudeepa, a renowned actor in Kannada cinema, was arrested on June 11, 2024, in relation to the murder of Renuka Swamy, a 33-year-old man accused of sending offensive messages to Pavithra Gowda, Darshan’s girlfriend. in this page you will know full details about this case.

Who is darshan thoogudeepa?

Darshan Thoogudeepa is an Indian film actor with an estimated net worth of around $30 million (approximately Rs 250 crore). Thoogudeepa first gained prominence through his successful acting career in Kannada cinema, which has also led to numerous brand endorsements and business ventures.

Outside of his film career, Darshan has built a reputation for his luxurious lifestyle. He resides in an opulent house in Bengaluru worth several crores and is often seen sporting designer outfits at public events, reflecting his love for fashion. Darshan’s wealth is further showcased by his collection of luxury vehicles, which includes a Range Rover Vogue, a Mercedes-Benz GLE, a Toyota Fortuner, and a BMW 7 Series, all worth several crores.

In addition to his acting career, Darshan has made strategic investments in various business ventures, significantly boosting his net worth. Known for his significant charges for film projects and public appearances, Darshan Thoogudeepa remains a prominent figure in the Kannada film industry.

Darshan personal life

Darshan Thoogudeepa is married to Vijayalakshmi Darshan since 2000, and they have a son named Vineesh. However, in 2011, Darshan faced a domestic violence case where he was arrested and booked for attempt to murder and domestic violence, though the couple eventually resolved the issue out of court, with Darshan publicly apologizing to his fans. Later, rumors of an extra-marital affair emerged when model Pavithra Gowda shared a video on Instagram featuring photos of herself and Darshan, hinting at a long-standing relationship.

Darshan Thoogudeepa and Pavithra Relationship

Darshan Thoogudeepa and Pavithra Gowda had a romantic relationship that lasted over a decade. The relationship remained private until 2017, when Pavithra posted a photo with Darshan on social media. This sparked controversy, as Darshan’s wife, Vijayalakshmi, publicly criticized Pavithra for being involved with a married man. Despite the backlash, Pavithra continued to share intimate moments with Darshan on social media, further intensifying the controversy .

Darshan Previous case details

According to popular news channel reports, He has been involved in several controversies related to domestic violence. In September 2011, he was arrested by the Vijayanagar police for allegedly assaulting his wife, Vijayalakshmi, facing charges of attempt to murder and domestic violence. Then he spent 14 days in judicial custody before being released on bail, with the couple later resolving the issue out of court and Darshan publicly apologizing to his fans. After that in 2016, Vijayalakshmi reported Darshan’s “objectionable behavior” to the police again, highlighting ongoing domestic issues in their relationship. In 2021, Darshan faced accusations of assaulting a waiter at a Mysuru hotel, further adding to his history of legal troubles and controversies. These incidents underscore Darshan’s repeated involvement in domestic violence cases, resulting in multiple arrests and public apologies.

Reason for the Murder

Here’s what happened. The whole thing started because Renukaswamy was harassing Pavithra Gowda online. He was sending her these really lewd messages, thinking she was the reason Darshan and his wife, Vijayalakshmi, were having problems. Renukaswamy, being a huge fan of Darshan, saw Pavithra as a threat to Darshan’s relationship with his girlfriend. This whole situation spiraled out of control and eventually led to Renukaswamy’s murder.

Here’s i breakdown of what went down with the Renuka Swamy murder case:

Investigation Timeline

  • June 8: Renuka Swamy was kidnapped from Chitradurga.
  • June 8: Darshan and Pavithra visited the shed where Renuka was held and left at 3:30 PM.
  • June 9: During the investigation, the police identified Darshan Thoogudeepa, a popular Kannada film actor, as a suspect in the murder. Renuka was murdered, and his body was dumped in a stormwater drain in Bengaluru.
  • June 9: A security guard discovered the body at 8:30 AM.
  • June 10: Three accused surrendered to the police, admitting to the murder.
  • June 11: Darshan and Pavithra were arrested at Darshan’s farmhouse in Mysuru and brought to Bengalurarshan Thoogudeepa is arrested from his farmhouse in Mysuru in connection with the murder. His wife, Pavithra Gowda, and 10 others are also taken into custody for questioning
  • June 11: Darshan is taken into police custody and remanded for six days. He is produced before a Bengaluru Magistrate’s court
  • On June 12, 2024, the police seized vehicles used in the murder, including a red Jeep belonging to Darshan. They also recreated the crime scene to gather further evidence.
red jeep car
  • On the same day, Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara confirmed the arrest of 13 people in connection with the case, including Darshan and his wife. These events highlight the key developments in the investigation and the arrest of Darshan Thoogudeepa related to the murder of Renukaswamy.

Key Evidence

  • Derogatory Messages: Renuka had sent lewd messages to Pavithra on social media, which sparked the whole ordeal.
  • Kidnapping and Torture: He was kidnapped from Chitradurga, taken to a shed in Pattanagere, and allegedly tortured.
  • Injury Marks: The body had injury marks, indicating a violent struggle.
  • Witness Statements: The security guard who found the body saw stray dogs dragging it, and three accused confessed to the murder.
  • Autopsy: Confirmed that Renuka died due to murder.

Arrests and Custody

  • Darshan Thoogudeepa: The popular Kannada film actor was arrested at his farmhouse in Mysuru.
  • Pavithra Gowda: Darshan’s wife was also arrested and taken in for questioning.
  • 12 Others: A total of 13 people, including Darshan and Pavithra, were arrested.

Custody and Remand

  • Police Custody: All 13 accused were remanded in police custody until June 17.
  • Medical Test: The accused were taken to Bowring Hospital for medical tests.

in this page, you know what happened in darshan case. in following case details in upcoming posts.