Bike Share Giant Motivate and 8D Technologies Announce Merger for Future Growth

Bike Share

Bike Share

Bike share giant Motivate and technology solutions provider 8D Technologies have announced a merger, promising a “best in class” combination of technology and operations. This merger solidifies 8D’s role in Motivate’s contract to deliver a large-scale expansion of San Francisco’s Bay Area bike share system and is expected to drive future growth for both companies. With their combined expertise and resources, these North American firms are poised to transform the landscape of urban transportation, delivering an unparalleled bike share experience and setting new standards for the future. This article explores the details of the merger and its potential impact on the bike share market.

Doubling Bike Share Availability by 2025

as per this latest news, The merger between Motivate and 8D Technologies comes at a time when industry analysts are predicting a significant expansion in bike share availability by 2025. With a shared vision for the future of sustainable transportation, these companies are strategically positioning themselves to capitalize on this growing trend. By joining forces, Motivate and 8D Technologies are well-equipped to meet the rising demand for bike sharing services across North America and beyond.

Motivate: Leading the Bike Share Revolution

Motivate has established itself as a dominant force in North America’s bike share schemes. As the operator of various prominent initiatives, such as New York’s Citi Bike (the largest in America) and the San Francisco GoBike scheme, Motivate has demonstrated its commitment to revolutionizing urban mobility. By merging with 8D Technologies, Motivate aims to enhance its operational efficiency, strengthen its supply chain, and accelerate the development of innovative bike share solutions.

8D Technologies: Pioneering Technological Solutions

On the other hand, 8D Technologies has earned recognition as a leading provider of cutting-edge hardware and software solutions for bike sharing programs worldwide. Their contributions to the success of London’s Santander Cycle Hire, Bixi in Montreal, Abu Dhabi’s ADCB scheme, and Melbourne’s primary fleet have solidified their position in the industry. With their expertise in solar-based technological solutions, 8D Technologies brings invaluable knowledge and experience to the table, further augmenting the capabilities of the merged entity.

Advancing Equipment Production and Operations

The merger of Motivate and 8D Technologies will drive forward various aspects of bike share operations. One of the primary areas of focus will be the production of advanced equipment. By leveraging their collective resources, the companies aim to develop state-of-the-art bicycles and bike stations that cater to the evolving needs of riders. Additionally, the merger will facilitate improvements in the supply chain, ensuring a seamless flow of resources and maximizing operational efficiency.

Ford’s GoBike: A Catalyst for Change

An immediate priority for the merged entity will be to enhance the operations of Ford’s GoBike program. Ford’s Bay Area GoBike scheme, which aims to provide 25,000 share bikes by the end of 2017, will undergo significant improvements as a result of the merger. Motivate and 8D Technologies will collaborate to optimize the user experience, streamline maintenance processes, and implement cutting-edge technology to make Ford’s GoBike a benchmark for bike sharing programs globally.

A Sustainable Investment

The merger between Motivate and 8D Technologies was made possible by a substantial investment from Motivate, driven forward by Generation Investment Management. This investment firm specializes in sustainable investments, aligning perfectly with the shared goals of the merging entities. David Blood, a senior partner at Generation Investment Management, will join Motivate’s board, bringing his expertise and strategic insights to the company.

A Vision for the Future

Jay Walder, the President and CEO of Motivate, expressed his excitement about the merger, stating, “Bringing Motivate and 8D together will accelerate bike share innovation and bolster our ability to revolutionize the landscape of cities.” The leaders of both companies, Jay Walder and Jean-Sébastien and Isabelle Bettez, envision a future where bike sharing plays a pivotal role in transforming urban mobility. Together, they aim to take bike share to the next level, pioneering new technologies and setting new benchmarks for the industry.