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Hermes Creative Awards

About Hermes Creative Award

Hermes Creative Award Established in 1995. It is a prestigious international competition that recognizes excellence in the communication industry. This award celebrates outstanding creative work across various communication fields, including traditional, digital, and emerging media. Here are the essential details regarding eligibility and the application process:

Hermes Creative Award Eligibility

As per latest news came from Hermes team, Open to individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations worldwide, the competition covers various categories, including print, marketing, public relations, digital media, and advertising. Winning a Hermes Creative Award enhances recognition and credibility in the communication field. It allows recipients to showcase their creative talents to industry experts, peers, and potential clients.

  • Individual Achievement: Honors individuals for notable projects or overall work. Categories include:
    • Specific Project Achievement ($250)
    • Body of Work Achievement ($250)
  • Team Achievement: Commends teams for distinct projects or cumulative work. Categories include:
    • Specific Project Achievement ($250)
    • Body of Work Achievement ($250)

Hermes Creative Award Application Process

To enter the competition, submit your work via the Hermes Creative Awards website. The site offers a user-friendly interface with detailed competition information and an easy submission process.

  • Entry Fees: Single entries cost $125 each, while campaigns, plans, and apps are $195 each. Pro bono entries are free when accompanied by a paid entry.
  • Submission Requirements: For individual and team nominations, submit a document containing:
    • Nominator’s name
    • Company/Organization
    • Title/Role
    • Email address
    • Nominee’s name
    • Company/Organization
    • City/State/Province/Country
    • Examples of work

Examples for Nomination: Nominations are currently closed but will reopen soon. Once open, anyone can nominate their work or someone else’s through the online submission portal on the Hermes Creative Awards website. Showcase projects that highlight exceptional creative work, such as:

  • Leading a team on successful projects
  • Growing a business through creative efforts
  • Gaining industry or community recognition
  • Achieving positive recognition for the organization through award-winning work

Additional Information

  • Pro Bono Entries: Submitting a paid entry qualifies entrants to submit up to five pro bono projects at no cost. Multiple projects for the same client should be combined into one entry.
  • Judging Criteria: Entries are judged based on their achievements and impact. Judges may reassign entries to different categories if deemed more appropriate.

Important Dates

  • Submission Window: The 2025 Hermes Awards program opens for submissions on Monday, September 16, 2024.

Contact Information

  • Questions and Clarifications: For more information, contact Hermes Creative Awards at [email protected]m, 214-377-3525, or use the Chat now feature on their website.

Entries for the Hermes Creative Awards are judged and evaluated based on their achievements and organizational impact. Key details include:

  1. Judging Criteria: A panel of judges in Washington evaluates the entries, taking into account the resources and constraints of each entrant to ensure fairness and consistency .
  2. Scoring: Entries are scored on a 90-100 point scale. Scores between 90-100 indicate Platinum winners, 80-89 for Gold winners, 70-79 for Honorable Mentions, and below 70 receive no award .
  3. Categories: The competition includes various categories such as individual and team achievements, specific projects, bodies of work, and different media types like print, digital, and video .
  4. Individual and Team Nominations: Nominations for individuals and teams require a document with:
  • Nominator name
  • Company/Organization
  • Title or Role
  • Email address
  • Nominee name
  • Company/Organization
  • City/State or Province/Country
  • Examples of work .

Evaluation Process: Judges assess entries based on achievements and organizational impact, and may contact nominators for clarifications or further information .

    Overall, the Hermes Creative Awards recognize outstanding contributions to traditional, digital, and emerging media, emphasizing the impact and achievements of the work over its technical quality.

    Comparable Awards

    Other prestigious awards recognizing outstanding creative work include the ADDY Awards, Cannes Lions, Webby Awards, and British Arrows Awards. However, the Hermes Creative Awards are distinct for their focus on diverse fields within the communications industry.

    Top 5 Famous Awards

    1. The Nobel Prize
    2. The Academy Awards
    3. The Pulitzer Prize
    4. Fields Medal
    5. The Grammy Awards

    The Hermes Creative Award stand among the most distinguished accolades in the communications industry, celebrating exceptional creativity and innovation. Winning this award offers international recognition, networking opportunities, and an enhanced professional reputation.